Traveling to Santorini & COVID-19


We are pleased to announce that no cases of covid19 have been reported in Santorini to date. We could say that our island is a covid19 free zone. It is no coincidence that Santorini Island was chosen by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to address his message to the whole world and to announce the start of the 2020 tourist season from Santorini.

We would like to thank you for not giving up on your holiday dreams during this global crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Your faith, loyalty and support are precious to us and we are doing anything we can to ensure your safety during your stay at Marvarit Suites.

Health & Safety Measures


Our priority and greatest concern is the health, safety and well-being of our guests and staff. We have taken all the necessary precautions and measures, adhering to the regulations of the Greek Ministry of Health and local authorities.

Helping You Reschedule

We truly understand that due to the prevailing circumstances you may be feeling unsure about your travel plans. To help you reschedule, we are making additional adjustments to our booking policies, giving you more space and flexibility to secure your holidays on our beautiful island.

If you need to adjust your reservation, please send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Packaged breakfast with high safety standards


Continental for Two

To share, to love, to live twice and double every moment!

  • 2 Brioche Breads
  • 2 Slices of Wheat Toast Bread
  • 2 Slices of Multigrain Toast Bread
  • 2 Wheat Rusks
  • 4 Slices of Dutch Gouda Cheese
  • 3 Slices of Turkey Premium Roll
  • 2 Boiled Eggs
  • 2 Portions of Salt and Pepper
  • 2 Portions of Honey 20g
  • 2 Portions of Butter 10g
  • 2 Portions of Jam 20g
  • 2 Portions of Margarine 10g

Suspicious Covid-19 Case Action Plan

Hotel: Marvarit Suites
Coordinator: Mr. Konstantinos Tzanetis
Contracted Doctor: Dr. Andreas Vlachos Tel: +30 6932291469

If a visitor develops symptoms compatible with the COVID-19 infection, the following applies:

  1. Immediately inform the manager and call the doctor to evaluate the case.
  2. Ask the customer to remain restricted in his/her room.
  3. If it is a confirmed COVID-19 case, call NPHO (National Public Health Organization) immediately at 210-5212054 or 1135 to announce it and wait for instructions.
  4. Avoid the entry of the personnel in the room and determine one person for its management.
  5. Use immediately methods of individual protection (masks / gloves / single use suit) in the need of entry to the room.
  6. Inform the other personnel immediately and follow the instructions of the doctor.
  7. In case of transportation, use a mask and transfer the customer who takes measures of individual protection as well using a private car.
  8. Whenever the personnel or an escort comes in contact with customer’s secretions, wash hands immediately. Escorts should follow the same instructions.
  9. It is prohibited during the management of a COVID-19 case for the personnel to touch the face or to eat, drink or smoke.
  10. Write down the contact information of relatives and update the incident book.
  11. Discard the individual protection measures in a bin and apply new
  12. Apply with high priority decontamination measures and minimize the entry to the hotel to non-customers.
  13. Begin the contact tracing process wherever it is applicable and keep an archive with names / tel / mails for NPHO

Santorini Hospital in Map